We'll give you a list of engaged, qualified leads ready to be converted

why convert 1 visitor in every 100 when you can convert 40?

Step 1 - We define your buyer personas

We research where your target audience hangs out online - what language suits them best (layman or expert & fact) and which mediums resonated with them (did they comment how they watched a good video recently online on the topic?) you need to be really specific here, "managers and business owners" just won't cut it.

More about buyer personas
Identifying buyer personas before diving straight into a growth plan ensures you’re targeting the most relevant people and are, therefore, maximising your chance for conversions. The best way to plan buyer personas is by profiling them by job title, background, age and preferred online hangout to gauge what kind of content they’re most likely to consume and through which contact medium.

Step 2 - We build some interesting content to grab their attention

As we start to tie together your buyer personas with their favourite content medium we'll be able to prepare content which (after they've opted in) will be a low-friction entry point for the otherwise passive visitor. This content will be enable you to establish a foundation of expertise, allowing for amore engaged, trusting prospect.

More about generating engaging content
The phrase ‘content is king’ is still as relevant as when it was conceived. Where keyword stuffing techniques and mass linking strategies take a stab in the dark at being noticed by a potential lead, killer content establishes you as an industry authority and gives leads something back, nurturing them towards converting with – dependent on your buyer personas – ebooks, blog posts, videos, whitepapers and more.

Step 3 - Your site is adapted to maximise chance of conversion

Remember, this solution can plug into any website and does not require you to redesign your current web presence. We'll use our years of research to carefully place call-to-action points in key areas to maximise conversion.

More about how we design for conversion
Websites now need to do more than just look good, their features all need to function for conversion too. Your graphics, the content and placement of your headlines and call to actions and the overall layout of your website are just a few things that need to be regularly tested to ensure they’re performing to their maximum conversion-enhancing ability.

Step 4 - We set up an automated system, feeding your target audience

Using our lead nurturing experience, we will create a funnel of great content which your new leads will receive by email. Based on your business goals we'll create contact points which gradually teach, nurture and ultimately compell your audience to get into buying mode with your product or service. This is a hands-off service, we do everything for you.

More about the funnel and contact points
Creating a metaphorical sales funnel your leads can be nurtured through is the most effective technique for maximising conversions. Divided up into top, middle and bottom sections that serve to nurture prospect interest with engaging content, establish your expertise as an industry leader and, finally, provide an opportunity for prospects to convert, sales funnels are a low friction-high success tool for new business acquisition.

Step 5 - Warm, engaged Leads are delivered into your sales team

Not only does Leadbox improve number of leads generated by 400%, the service actively qualifies, nurtures and hand-delivers them right into your team. After that it's down to you - but if you got a steady, dependable list of leads every day would that help grow your business?